Kettle Gryp® on "Hi Consumption"

Kettle Gryp® on "Hi Consumption"

It is always exciting seeing Kettle Gryp pop up in our feed! Special thanks to Sean Tirman of Hi Consumption for the great plug.

"Kettlebells offer up unique and effective means by which to get in a workout. But, if you don’t go to a kettlebell gym, they can be hard to find, expensive to purchase en masse, and take up quite a bit of room. You could, however, circumvent all that trouble by picking up a single Kettle Gryp portable kettlebell system.

This innovative system turns ordinary dumbbells – which can be found at just about any public or private gym around the world – into kettlebells in seconds..."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Tired of boring hotel workouts? Need to expand your equipment options at your facility? Building out your home gym and need to save some green?

We got you covered. Get your Gryp now.
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