Turn Your Dumbbells Into Kettlebells

  • Two athletes working out with Kettle Gryp at a running track

Why Kettle Gryp?

Kettlebells provide simple, unique exercises that build functional strength and range of motion. However, kettlebells are expensive and nearly impossible to travel with. 

That gave us the inspiration to create Kettle Gryp as a portable dumbbell adapter that turns ordinary dumbbells into dynamic workouts. 

With Kettle Gryp you'll get your full workout at a range of different weights anywhere you can find a dumbbell.  It is a great addition to your home gym or travel bag. If you're a trainer or gym owner, Kettle Gryp expands your clients' workouts without the added weight, cost, and footprint of kettlebells.

  • Trainer John K with orange Kettle Gryp and dumbbell
  • Model holding black and orange Kettle Gryps kneeling on yoga mat
  • Weight bench workout with orange and black Kettle Gryps
  • Adaptable

    Kettle Gryp transfers quickly from one weight to another and has been designed to fit most dumbbells. It will fit nearly all dumbbells that have bare metal handles. Dumbbells with vinyl or neoprene coated grips are usually too thick to fit.

  • Black and Orange Kettle Gryps in carry-on suitcase


    Lightweight and compact, Kettle Gryp travels easily in a carry-on or backpack so you can take your workout with you. We can't guarantee Kettle Gryp will improve your social life. But we can promise your workouts on the road won't suck anymore.

  • Economical

    Kettlebells are expensive. Kettle Gryp isn't.  You already invested in a set of dumbbells, so why not add the versatility of kettlebell exercises without spending a fortune and without needing extra storage space.

  • Andy and Dan pitching on Shark Tank

    Shark Tank

    Andy and Dan enthusiastically pitching Kettle Gryp on Season 13 Episode 13 of Shark Tank. Andy scored some great laughs from the sharks with his energy and unique sense of humor.

  • Kettle Gryp is manufactured and inspected in the USA

    Lifetime Warranty

    Premium quality and lifetime warranty. Kettle Gryp is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. We personally inspect every unit produced, and we warranty your Gryp for life when used as intended.


  • Jolie Glassman Testimonial Photo

    Jolie Glassman

    "Awesome product! Great idea! I love mine & travel with it super easily. Now I can be even more innovative in my hotel gyms. Product feels solid while in use."

    Owner of South Beach Boxing, Miami Beach, FL

  • Doug Briggs Testimonial Photo

    Doug Briggs, Ph.D., CSCS,*D, RSCC,*E

    "I had a full set of dumbbells before, so I now also have a full set of kettlebells thanks to Kettle Gryp! A great way to expand your exercise selection without the cost of new equipment."

    Director of Human Performance

  • Giovanni Roselli Testimonial Photo

    Giovanni Roselli

    "For someone who has taught group classes for many years, these are a nice addition. Quick transitions from dumbbells, adds versatility, has a small footprint, and is cost-effective."

    Director of Training for PurLife Fitness Centers in FL