Kettle Gryp® featured on The Awesomer

Kettle Gryp® featured on The Awesomer

The word is getting out! Kettle Gryp was recently featured on The Awesomer. Check it out!

"A smartly-designed add for gyms that don't have all the equipment you need. It converts dumbbells so you can use them like kettlebells. It weighs less than a pound, and is small enough to pack in a suitcase."

Sounds great to us - that is why we designed Kettle Gryp!

Seriously though. Are you sick of having little workout options on the road? Tight on space in your own gym? Not ready to spend hundreds getting a set of kettlebells? Kettle Gryp is a great option for the traveling fitness enthusiast or gym owner that is tight on space or on a budget.

Get a Gryp now! Your fitness doesn't have to suffer.
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