Kettle Gryp® Featured on Men's Health

Kettle Gryp® Featured on Men's Health

Not a bad day when Kettle Gryp is featured on the world's largest fitness publication for men. Check out this awesome write up from Men's Health.

We are so proud to be in a position to help solve issues that hamper fitness progression. Whether it is having little workout options on the road or being tight on space in our own gym, Kettle Gryp is a great choice for the traveling fitness enthusiast or gym owner that is space-limited or on a budget.

 Get a Gryp now! Your fitness doesn't have to suffer.

Portable. Adaptable. Economical.

Kettle Gryp™ is a portable dumbbell adapter that turns ordinary dumbbells into dynamic workouts. Perfect for the home gym, traveling fitness enthusiast, or trainer/gym owner with limited space; Kettle Gryp™ gives you a full kettlebell workout at a range of weights anywhere you can find a dumbbell. 

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