What Workouts Can Your Do With Kettle Gryp? Part 3

What Workouts Can Your Do With Kettle Gryp?

Welcome back. We hope the workouts we've presented you with so far have been keeping you been busy. Below we have two additional kettlebell workouts being performed with our Kettle Gryp®  along with information and tips for use for each.


Single Arm Row with Kettle Gryp®


The Single Arm Row is an exercise that can be done using both kettlebells and dumbbells. In this instance adding the Kettle Gryp in this exercise will add to the strengthening of the upper back and shoulders.



With the Single Arm Row, you need to be sure to keep your back in a straight line and your abs pulled in tight. To complete the movement, you pull the Kettle Gryp in toward your hip bone, and back down, being careful not to pull to high and shrug your shoulders. Rotate arms and repeat. 


Kettle bell Kettle gryp deadlift


The Deadlift is great for your glutes, core and hamstrings. When completing this move be sure to keep your feet planted firmly. Heavier weights are a good idea with our Kettle Gryp since this elbow doesn’t require any bending of the Elbows.

To complete the Deadlift move you want to make sure your feet are hip width apart. Keep your knees bent slightly and your abs tight to help prevent arching your back. You’ll hold the Kettle Gryp palms facing inward and start with the Kettle Gryp on level with your thighs. Lower your torso, pivoting your hips to lower the Kettle Gryp toward the ground. Your upper body should be parallel to the ground. Keep your core tight as you rise back to the starting position. Repeat these steps.  


We hope these exercises fit nicely into your workout routine. Be sure to comment any other workouts you'd like to see performed with our Kettle Gryp. Until next time. 


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